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Written In Stone


What words or feelings do you have set in stone?

When we say something is “Written in Stone”, we mean that an action, event, decision, feeling, etc. is permanent. It’s impossible to erase what was  carved  into the stone, therefore, it’s everlasting. It’s there forever, unless the stone itself is broken and replaced with another. When something is carved into stone, it cannot be erased with an eraser nor washed away with water without destroying the stone in someway.  Have you ever considered how your actions or emotions can be written in stone without or without your knowledge and if it is possible to wipe it away and start with a fresh, smooth surface? Continue reading

Tears and Memories

What memories are stored in your tears?

Have you ever found yourself sitting quietly when past memory comes to mind followed by a tear running down your cheek? Sometimes the tear could have be brought forth by a happy memory, like a wonderful time you spent with someone you love or the pride you took in someone like your child. But for most, I believe those times when a tear slowly leaves its home and crawls down our cheeks, it is brought out by a memory which hurts us. The loss of a loved one, the hurt of a broken relationship, the thought of being separated from your child or spouse. There are many reasons why we might weep and it varies from person to person because our memories are unique, but it is an experience that is shared by everyone who has ever lived. We can all empathize with it and the emotions that cause that tear to leave our eyes, typically sadness, connects us all.
Continue reading

Finding New Music

There is nothing like discovering new music to enjoy.

There is nothing like discovering new music to enjoy.

I love discovering new music. As the meme above states, it is definitely like finding a new world to explore. I get a joyous feeling and puts me in a such a good mood. It also strangely enough helps reduce any stress I have.

The other night while watching YouTube, the autoplay feature jumped to a group called Parable Fifteen from South Africa. I immediately fell in love with the song Rain On The Ocean.  It’s a typical love ballad with a good beat and good lyrics. Continue reading

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