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Trying New Coffee


Trying new coffee

I like coffee. I like frothing milk. I like coffee with frothed milk. Several months ago I bought my first frother from Daiso. It was cheap, but it did the trick and ever since I’ve been hooked on using one whenever I brew some coffee. Something about frothing the milk is oddly satisfying.
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Do you ever feel like a cat at a cafe?

Some days, you just feel like a cat waiting for his call to come while enjoying some coffee.

Surround Yourself with Dreamers . . .


Be with those who encourage you, just as you encourage them.

The dreamers and the doers, the believers and the thinkers, and with those who see greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself.

This quote really speaks. Often times, I feel it is difficult to find people who share your dreams and visions, or even find people who will encourage you to pursue your dreams even if they don’t share your vision. Continue reading

Before Coffee . . .

Coffee time MUST be respected . . . .

Coffee time MUST be respected . . . .

It is very important to always respect a person’s (reasonable) coffee time. This means not talking, no making noise, no TV . . . . nothing. But why is this?

The theme of this blog is relaxation, primarily through the  gateway of coffee. Typically, I wake up and brew some coffee. I then sit at my desk and open the news or write on my blog, all while listening to some soft music. This helps me gather my thoughts from the previous day and prepare mentally and emotionally for the  day ahead. It’s like meditation in a sense. I might read the bible or look at some pictures. Regardless what I choose to do, I definitely enjoy my coffee with some cookies ;). Continue reading

What are your dreams?


I sometimes wonder what dreams other people have. Our dreams are quite personal and to share them is to invite mockery in a sense from those we love. Jesus said that a prophet is not accepted is his own hometown, meaning that those close to us (family, friends, etc.) are our biggest deniers. This can be good as they keep is grounded, but when we share our dreams or visions, they can be our biggest detractors. I feel this is we are hesitant to share our dreams with people as it’s like wearing your heart on your sleeve.  Of course, however, there are other reasons like  ourselves preventing our dreams from becoming reality due to lack of action on our part. This is a major stumbling block as well. Continue reading

Restless Nights

van goh restless

I hate having restless nights. Most of the times it’s because I either drank too  much coffee before bed (a habit) or went to bed earlier than I normally do. There are some nights, however, that my mind is racing. I can’t turn it off. Usually it’s from anxiety over some issue: a family member’s salvation, work, bills, state of the world, etc. For some, it can be due to a lonely heart, illness, or like me, sometimes just the desire to leave, go on an adventure, and live life as it should be rather than simply working to live. Sometimes, I’m depressed enough to cause me to toss and turn and spend the night on the couch. On these nights, I tend to feel unfulfilled whether it be at work or just life in general. These are the nights that I wish I could just drop everything and leave  to somewhere new (But is this just running away from a real problem, or is it just a desire for a sense of adventure?).  Life is hard. For many, it is harder. And I’ve noticed that sometimes there isn’t a good reason for feeling depressed and other times, there are more reasons than any  man should ever have.  Continue reading

Being a dreamer


So I’m a dreamer. I create grand illusions of the ideal life I want to live. From what I can tell, each of my brothers is the same and likely my father as well. We like to work, but we absolute hate the idea of having to live to work, rather than work to live. Most people, unfortunately, do the former. I think this is either because they lose site of the purpose of life or simply out of circumstance and necessity, which I think is most people. I believe God wants us to enjoy life, see the world/our countries, and live a life of peace and relaxation in which we focus on Him and doing his work.
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Happy Dog

happy dog

My dog Winston always seems to happy. He’s always cheerful and wants to play. He loves his mother so much and follows us wherever we in the house. I still remember when we first got him. He was so small and cute. Angela’s’ face was so bright and happy when she first held him. Continue reading

Unique Coffee and HomeGoods

unique coffee roaster

I typically get my coffee from HomeGoods (where I also get my scottie dog  cookies). For some reason, Home Goods style really appeals to me. I like the atmosphere and the unique foods, spices, utensils, and furniture they have. One of my favorite coffees is sold there: Unique Coffee Roasters.
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Always a good time

nothing like hot coffee on cold day

Touches Your Soul . . . .



First cold day of 2016

Living in Florida, any cold day is a real treat. Some quickly don their winter clothing as if the temperature is 30 degrees Fahrenheit: scarf, boots, leggings, coat or jacket, etc. For me, I usually just put on my typical Florida winter collection: socks, sandals, shorts, and a long sleeve shirt.

Today, it’s only 59 . . . supposedly (it feels warmer), but considering the unusually warm weather we’ve had on the east coat this 2015 winter, I’m happy with it. Since I slept usually well and curled up in my blanket,m I figured the temperature dropped during the night.

So, what did I do? I woke up, fixed my self a cup of coffee, put my slippers on and sat on my porch.

I love the quietness the cold weather brings.

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