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Hello Fall 2018

Autumn is here. Relax and enjoy.

Autumn has finally arrived. It’s the time of the year I look most forward to. The air becomes cooler, the colors of nature change, and everything just seems to slow down and everything feels less busy. I can enjoy a cup of coffee while sitting outside and watch the leaves fall and the squirrels gather food for the winter. For  short while, everything is more relaxing and enjoyable. And best yet is going for walks in the park and sitting on a bench and just watch.
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Hello Fall

Hello Fall

Fall is my favorite season. Everything seems to slow down. People seem less frustrated. The world seems less busy. Maybe it’s the picturesque colors of the falling leaves. Maybe it’s the crunching sound they make as you walk on them on a crisp autumn day. Maybe it’s the fall spices and scents, the pumpkins, cinnamon, the apples, or the clean air.  Or perhaps its the ability to sit outside on your porch or park bench and enjoy the cool breeze and the rustling of the dry leaves while drinking your favorite cup of coffee or tea as the cup warms your hands.

Whatever it may be, Fall is a time of calm and peace for the soul. It is a time of inspiration. Take advantage of it. It’s only here for a few months and it’s over quicker than you may realize. Continue reading

Autumn Is Here

Autumn is here.

Autumn is here.

Autumn is finally here. A time to relax, enjoy the crisp air and a hot drink, and reflect on the past year and the final months.


What A Beautiful Day

What do you consider a beautiful day?

What do you consider a beautiful day?

Each of us have our own idea of what is beautiful and aesthetic. For most of us, it’s not necessary a set of rules that defines what makes something beautiful to or not, but rather how it touches our heart or moves our soul or the feeling it brings to our mind, like peace.
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Reflection Bridge


Reflection Bridge in China


The image above is from a bridge in a Chinese park. I’m not sure of the park, but I’ve named this particular bridge Reflection Bridge because of the pretty reflection of the bridge on the stream stream below. I first saw this image several years ago when I was given an MP3 player (remember those?) and it had this a sample image along with music from David Hayes (who unfortunately has stopped making music since).

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Coffee Understands . . .

It also speaks to me. :)

It also speaks to me. 🙂

As I’ve stated many times before,  I love coffee time, especially in the autumn, which is coming up! I’m so excited. 🙂

It’s so nice when we find someone or something that just understands us, isn’t it? No need to explain ourselves. No need to justify our thoughts or dreams. No need to be rational about our dreams or goals. Obviously, we need to be rational about anything we do. If we dream a dream that is totally unfathomable or affects other people, then we need to lower our expectations a bit. But for the most part, it’s just nice to imagine ourselves as Super Man or a world traveler with no cares. And that’s the point: to release our mind for a moment of all cares and worries in this crazy world.

Coffee is a great listener. What or who is your great listener?  Who or what understands you?

I hope you have a great weekend and can sneak some coffee or tea time with a loved one or by yourself.


A Leisurely Stroll

A lovely walk alone or with a loved one is a magical feeling . . .

A lovely walk alone or with a loved one is a magical feeling . . .

A favorite movie of mine is Midnight in Paris, starring Owen Wilson. It mixes elements that I enjoy like Paris, cobble stone streets, and lonely walks at nights. In the movie, Owen’s character is confused about what direction to take in his life as he is torn over pursuing what he loves and desires, or meeting the expectations of his fiance and her family. He walks the streets of Paris alone at midnight thinking about his  situation, when magical events begin to occur.

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Always a good time

nothing like hot coffee on cold day

Windy Day

Windy day

What can be said of a windy autumn day?

The wind blows, the leaves rustle coming to life

again for this brief moment the moving air dances with them and breathing new life into

them as if to say, “Wake up! Experience life once more.”

First cold day of 2016

Living in Florida, any cold day is a real treat. Some quickly don their winter clothing as if the temperature is 30 degrees Fahrenheit: scarf, boots, leggings, coat or jacket, etc. For me, I usually just put on my typical Florida winter collection: socks, sandals, shorts, and a long sleeve shirt.

Today, it’s only 59 . . . supposedly (it feels warmer), but considering the unusually warm weather we’ve had on the east coat this 2015 winter, I’m happy with it. Since I slept usually well and curled up in my blanket,m I figured the temperature dropped during the night.

So, what did I do? I woke up, fixed my self a cup of coffee, put my slippers on and sat on my porch.

I love the quietness the cold weather brings.

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