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Wisdom from Winnie The Pooh: Love Is Felt

You don't spell love, you feel it.

You don’t spell love, you feel it.

As adults, I think we tend to dismiss children’s shows / books as merely that: shows for the naive physically and in spirit, the young in mind and heart. What we often forget is that these shows and books are written by adults and at times can offer a wealth of wisdom from people we would normally never have a chance to interact with on a personal level. Take Winnie The Pooh for example,  created by English author A. A. Milne for his son, Christopher Robin Milne. Milne created Winnie The Pooh as bed time stories for his son, whose stuffed animals were the inspiration for the characters in Winnie The Pooh. Continue reading

What A Beautiful Day

What do you consider a beautiful day?

What do you consider a beautiful day?

Each of us have our own idea of what is beautiful and aesthetic. For most of us, it’s not necessary a set of rules that defines what makes something beautiful to or not, but rather how it touches our heart or moves our soul or the feeling it brings to our mind, like peace.
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