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No work

One thing that hurts me emotionally and spiritually is when I see someone, especially a man, without work. To eat, sleep away from the elements, and enjoy some aspects of life, we need to work. We need money. Of course, this is not all life is about, but this day and age, work and the need for money to simply live a modest life is essential . . . and often times overwhelming. Continue reading



I’ve never been to Europe and would really like to go. In particular, I’d like to visit or have an extended stay in England, Scotland, Ireland, France, and maybe Austria and Denmark (they have delicious cookies). Continue reading

Unique Coffee and HomeGoods

unique coffee roaster

I typically get my coffee from HomeGoods (where I also get my scottie dog  cookies). For some reason, Home Goods style really appeals to me. I like the atmosphere and the unique foods, spices, utensils, and furniture they have. One of my favorite coffees is sold there: Unique Coffee Roasters.
Continue reading

Scottish Cookies

scottie cookies

When drinking my coffee, I find that Walkers Shortbread cookies complement the coffee well. I usually only eat a few, but they’re delicious. The Scottie dog version is also quite cute. Continue reading



I’ve never learned to play an instrument, which is something I regret. When I was in my teens and early college years, I had a guitar and thought I was the greatest . . . . of course everything sounds better in your imagination, lol. Continue reading


A month into 2016 and I find that I’m already not keeping up with my resolutions. This is pretty frustrating and finding out the reason why can be difficult.

Is it lack of time?
Is it priorities or lack thereof?
Is it because I don’t really know what they are? Continue reading


Today I’m going camping for the first time in several years. Since I live in Florida, it’s generally accepted to only go camping in the fall or winter because of the cool weather and little to no mosquitos. Needless to say, I’m a bit excited. Continue reading

Always a good time

nothing like hot coffee on cold day

Windy Day

Windy day

What can be said of a windy autumn day?

The wind blows, the leaves rustle coming to life

again for this brief moment the moving air dances with them and breathing new life into

them as if to say, “Wake up! Experience life once more.”

Touches Your Soul . . . .



First cold day of 2016

Living in Florida, any cold day is a real treat. Some quickly don their winter clothing as if the temperature is 30 degrees Fahrenheit: scarf, boots, leggings, coat or jacket, etc. For me, I usually just put on my typical Florida winter collection: socks, sandals, shorts, and a long sleeve shirt.

Today, it’s only 59 . . . supposedly (it feels warmer), but considering the unusually warm weather we’ve had on the east coat this 2015 winter, I’m happy with it. Since I slept usually well and curled up in my blanket,m I figured the temperature dropped during the night.

So, what did I do? I woke up, fixed my self a cup of coffee, put my slippers on and sat on my porch.

I love the quietness the cold weather brings.

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