I’ve never learned to play an instrument, which is something I regret. When I was in my teens and early college years, I had a guitar and thought I was the greatest . . . . of course everything sounds better in your imagination, lol.

I’ve always wanted to learn three instruments:

Classical guitar



Maybe someday I will. I will definiytely need lessons as I don’t have the perseverenec to do it on my own. This is actually another step in accomplishing goals: knowing your limits.

If you know you have difficulty studying new concepts on your own, then you shoudl consider taking instruction from a private teacher. Expensive? Yes, but no more than what most of us waste money on and see no return on: starbucks, clothes, expensive cell phone plans, eating out all the time, etc.

Learn an instrument or even a language. You’ll be a much better person for it. Not only to other people, but more importantly for yourself.

Now time to enjoy my coffee on this cold Florida day.