falling in love with a beautiful girl

As I’ve written before, finding new music is a fun experience. There’s something about listening to a song for the first time on TV, a movie, or on the radio, and having it connect with you immediately for some reason.  Several years ago, my then girlfriend (now wife) gave me my first touchscreen MP3 player, the Mach Speed Trio before a mission trip to Guayaquil, Ecuador.  It was a cheap device, but I loved it. It came with some free music and one artist in particular stuck out to me. His name was David Hayes and his song, Beautiful Girl, quickly found itself on repeat. I likely enjoyed it so much because it made me think of my then girlfriend while listening to it, but apart from that, the melody flowed smoothly and well with the acoustic guitar. But I think what I particularly liked the most even to this day years later was the lyrics of the song. Falling in love is a unique experience that we all can hopefully experience once in our lifetime and is one of the strongest and life changing emotional experiences any of us will ever have. Falling in love is fun. It’s why we like romantic movies like Before Sunrise.

When I think of what makes a beautiful person, it’s not necessarily looks, although realistically speaking, the human eye enjoys a pretty face. Just as we find a sunset on the beach or autumn leaves falling in the park pleasing to the eye, so are our eyes attracted to aesthetically pleasing people. But there is so much more to beauty and what makes something beautiful to a person than simply the outward appearance. The outward appearance lost with time, but what is in the inside of a person is typically forever.  There is beauty to be found in their soul, their smile, their mannerisms, their voice, and even more mysterious, simply how they make you feel: loved. And beauty is subjective. I might find beauty in seeing the Grand Canyon, while other’s just see an inhospitable wasteland. I might find beauty in a cold autumn day, others might find it depressing. Beauty is personal to each of us and what we personally find beautiful is sometimes something that can’t be explained to other people or even understood by them because just as love is a unique experience to each of us, our unique life experience can often dictate what we find beautiful.

But falling in love makes us blind and this is  when physical appearance begins to mean little to nothing and you fall in love with the real beauty of a person: who they are. Your souls connect in a way that is impossible to share with anyone else. The heart only has room for one person at a time and in the best of cases, only one person ever. To fall in love is an experience all of us desire. It is a call for companionship. A call to share ourselves with another person and to share our feelings, our hopes, and our dreams with them. A call to have a shoulder to cry on and a support to lean on in times of darkness. To fall in love is like discovery a treasure meant just for you.

Some fall in love at first sight, for others, it can take a while to realize the love connection. But one is not necessarily better or worse or truer than the other. What matters is that it happened and that the two found each other. One of the most terrifying thoughts, which many have unfortunately experienced, is missing the person they fell in love with either due to circumstance or even fear to open up themselves to them or even simply approach them due to fear of rejection. They’ve missed their chance and lost their treasure.  And because of a moment of fear, they’re left wondering for the rest of their lives, “What if . . .” and what could’ve been.

We should be careful, though, to not fall in love with the experience of falling in love. People often fool themselves in to thinking they’ve “fallen out of love” because they “don’t feel the same as when they were dating.” Take note: After you’ve all ready fallen in love, You should seek the person, not the drug. Falling in love is a different feeling and experience than being in love.  The first is easy because it takes little work. The latter is where you solidify the love through patience, caring, respect, and becoming one with the other person through sharing your dreams and desires, your fears and your hopes. We should also remember that lust is not love. Do not fool yourself into thinking otherwise.

I’ve found my beautiful girl and I hope you find yours. How do you know you really love someone? For each of us is different, but one thing that helped me was prayer and a little help from Bryan Adam‘s Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?