Do your thoughts reflect what your heart wants?

The heart and the mind seem to work in harmony to give us clues as to what we want in our lives. We often hear the adage “Follow your heart“, but what exactly does it mean and how do we know for certain what it is that our hearts desire? This is a question that every person has to answer for themselves and often times requires deep reflection to find the true answer instead of hanging on a whim that leads to nowhere and benefits little.

But how do we know what it is that our heart wants? And more importantly, can we trust it? From a religious standpoint, God says, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?“. But in the same vain He says, “May he [God] give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.” and “Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart“. So, at least from a religious standpoint, when God places a desire in our heart, we can know it is pure and right because it is from God. We can confirm it through prayer and confirmation from others spiritually inclined believers.

But what about other ways that are not religious? The heart is merely a reflection of want we want, and even deeper, what our souls desire or even need for our well-being. Take for example some of these popular adages and the simple truths they convey:

“Home is where the heart is.” – When your heart is comfortable where you are, you’re home. If your heart is constantly thinking of another place, maybe you’re not happy where you are. This can be a location, job, situation, or relationship. I worked in Europe for a few months. I was so excited . . . until I actually spent time there and all I could think of was home. And how did I know to trust my heart in that situation? Because my heart yearned to be with my wife and my dog. That good intention is an indicator that you can trust your heart.

“You’re my heart’s desire”. – When thinking of someone you love or care about deeply. This is different than lust. You should never think of another person in that way, especially if you or they are in a relationship. If you are, that is not a good intention of the heart and you shouldn’t trust it.

“[Do something] To your hearts desire.” – When you’re given freedom to do something until you’re content and satisfied.

Below is one of my favorite sayings regarding the heart:

“The mind forgets but the heart always remembers.” – With so many distractions in our lives, our hopes, dreams, and desires can leave our thoughts and we can forget them for long periods of times, but the heart always brings them back. Many times it is that hope or our dream that keeps us moving forward. Without it, this life would be very difficult to get through.

One final thought:

“When your heart speaks, take good notes.”— Judith Campbell

Take good notes and examine yourself to ensure you know where your heart is and what it truly needs. Use your heart and mind together to come to a sound conclusion rather than relying on just one or the other. If you do, you may find yourself more lost than ever before.

So where do you find your mind wandering? What are you doing to try to make it happen?