What words or feelings do you have set in stone?

When we say something is “Written in Stone”, we mean that an action, event, decision, feeling, etc. is permanent. It’s impossible to erase what was  carved  into the stone, therefore, it’s everlasting. It’s there forever, unless the stone itself is broken and replaced with another. When something is carved into stone, it cannot be erased with an eraser nor washed away with water without destroying the stone in someway.  Have you ever considered how your actions or emotions can be written in stone without or without your knowledge and if it is possible to wipe it away and start with a fresh, smooth surface?

There are times in my life where I figuratively set my feelings in stone. For example, the love for my wife is permanent.  As is my love for my family . . . and my dog :). My love and commitment for God is also permanent no matter the circumstance, just as His love for me is set. Interestingly, God not only wrote His Ten Commandments in stone, but also on each of our hearts so that when the stones were washed away, they would still be known to each of us :

Hebrews 10:16
“This is the covenant I will make with them after those days, says the Lord. I will put My Laws in their hearts and inscribe them on their minds.”

Likewise, God also created an everlasting covenant (written in stone) in which our sins (formerly written in stone without Christ) are forgotten should we accept Jesus to wash away our sins.

But what about our personal lives with those around us? Which of our actions are figuratively everlasting? As I’ve stated above, my love and commitment to my wife, family, and God is permanent, however, just like a stone can be broken and tossed away, our actions can be the tool to determine the safekeeping of our sentiments etched in the stone. A man or woman may love their spouse and the trust between them is fixed in stone, however, should adultery (whether physical or emotional) occur, that trust, just like the stone, is broken forever in most cases and something that can’t be repaired.

I once saw a movie in which the main character would pick up pebbles as a memento of specific and important moments in his life. The picture above shows a glass full of pebbles with hand-written notes on them. I like this idea because it’s a good way to remember events, kind of like pictures. It also is away to capture our feelings in ways that pictures can’t. I can write on a pebble how proud I am of someone and they will always have that as a reminder, whether I am here or gone. If you’re ever in an argument with your spouse, you can read how  much they actually love you on one of the pebbles. I find that this is a fun and interesting way to record our feelings and the special moments in our lives.

So what memories or sentiments do you have set in stone? Have you shared them with anyone? Do you have any memories you always remember no matter how many years go by?