Yesterday, Angela and I were looking for land to place our first home one. It’s quite exciting, but frustrating at the same time. We’re torn between living in the city and close to family, or buying land in the country at the expense of being far away.

For us, the city is far too crowded, violent, and should there ever be a man-made or natural disaster, it is the last place anyone wants to be. Also, for the same price of buying a house in an HOA, we can get some acreage with a modular home placed on it.

We’re probably going to buy some land and place a home on it, but we’d have to drive further to work. My only concern is Angela since she works in downtown, so we have to find a place closer to it.

But, really, where is home?

A part of me is still in Japan. I miss it a whole lot. Best time of my life, for sure. Realistically, though, it is in the states, but definitely not in Florida. So, where?

Hopefully, I can find the road less traveled and find it there wherever it may be as long as God takes us there.