When was the last time you took a trip?

Sometimes, I just want to travel. I want to escape. I want to clear my mind and renew my spirit. There are times where I don’t just want it, but need it. I usually want it to celebrate something good happening in my life. Other times, I need it because I’m  depressed, anxious, or frustrated for whatever reason (work, relationships, bad luck, life, etc.). Other times, I’m simply bored and want to see new things. And still, other times, my heart just feels like it’s missing something and that it hasn’t found home, yet. We live in a big world with many mysterious and exciting things to see and explore and it would be a shame if we didn’t take advantage of it.

When I was younger, I used to watch a show called Lonely Planet. The hosts would travel the world and brought what I would see in the pages of a book to life. A couple of the hosts, Ian Wright and Megan McCormick, would travel to numerous places and I wanted to see them all. But looking back, as a child with no real responsibilities, I didn’t really understand why someone would want to travel or have the need to aside from just seeing a cool place. Now all these years later as an adult, I realize how naive and innocent I was because as the years have gone by, time has given me the wisdom and knowledge through experience (joy, heartache, frustrations, etc.) to truly understand why anyone would feel the need or desire to see new places far, far from home. In any case, it seems the reason is to break from what we know and to go into the unknown and to escape momentarily from the current situation we may find out selves in.


Once reason to travel is to celebrate an occasion. We typically go on honeymoons to celebrate a marriage or a road trip to celebrate a graduation or promotion. There is no need to travel in this case, but simply a desire.

When something wrong happens

As adults, the daily frustrations of life can be a reason to travel. Travel offers an escape for our minds to concentrate on other things besides our frustrations. These can be caused by numerous things, personal to each of us. Work, relationships, depression, etc. can all be sources of frustration. While it is true we should never run away from our problems and instead confront them, that might not be possible in every situation and sometimes simply leaving, even if temporarily, allows us time to reset our mind and spirit enough to think clearly of how to tackle our problems.

When nothing happens

Boredom and stagnation are situations we all find ourselves in. We are curious beings by nature. Our minds crave activity and stimulation. We’ve been given an entire plane to explore to fulfill that role, which is full of different people, cultures, architecture, ideas, etc. If we find ourselves bored or not growing as individuals in our current place, perhaps a move is necessary. And there’s nothing wrong with that. If you’re in a church and you feel you are not growing spiritually in Christ, then go to another. If you’re bored at work and don’t enjoy going, then try finding another. If your hometown doesn’t stimulate you and bring you peace, perhaps it’s time to move. By traveling, we just might find something or somewhere new to call home.

I feel travel is an important venture everyone should take part in, whether to celebrate, escape temporarily, or to explore new opportunities. Many people have found new places to live, discovered their spouse (check out Before Sunrise featuring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy), rethink their life decisions, etc. all by traveling. In every situation, it offers the mind relief because it acts as a break from our routine.  It allows us to take a step back, pause, and reflect. But traveling ca be expensive depending on numerous factors. This is why I believe in the importance of saving in order to have the opportunity to take a trip. But a trip doesn’t have to be expensive nor  thousands of miles away. It can be as simple as a trip to the beach or the even the park.

Why do you travel? What have you discovered on your trips? Do you have plans to travel in the future? I surely hope so. We typically don’t remember what we did even a day before, but we always remember the trips we take as we travel through this maze we call life.