Sitting in a café watching the autumn leaves go by.

The world is a noisy place. It is full soul crushing chatter and mind numbing static. It can be very draining, leaving your mind cloudy, your thoughts muddled, your body tired, and your heart heavy. All the noise leaves your spirit wanting peace and a place to hide for just a moment to reset and untangle all the knots life has created for you like a trap waiting for your to trip over. But the sad truth is that it can be difficult to find that place and even when you do, to find the time to sit there alone and appreciate the quiet time free from outside distractions. But what exactly is this Quiet Place and how do you find it?

This is a difficult question to answer since everyone is different. We have different circumstance and needs that will ultimately dictate  where we find our personal quiet spot and the length of time we need to be there in order to unwind and reset ourselves. But one thing is universally true for all of us: That we all need one. We all absolutely need one. Life is hard even when everything is going well. Our bodies grow old and tired as time goes on and our souls can sink like a stone in the deepest lake due to the pressure the world places upon us: work, family life, expectations form others and ourselves, triumphs and failures, the suffering, the heartache and the energy it takes to maintain relationships or to even forgive, or the immense energy it takes to stand again when we fall. God didn’t intend for us to live in this world as we see and experience it, but unfortunately stuck here until His return and we go to meet Him first – though even this thought weighs heavily on the heart.

My quiet time can be anytime in the day and my quiet place can change depending on my mood. On days off it’s typically in the morning when I wake up or in the evening before going to bed. In the morning, I gather my thoughts and plan my day while in the evening I reflect and unwind. I usually just sit at my desk and listen to jazz or other soft music while drinking a cup of coffee. Other times I might go to a café at a time of the day where there are few other people there or I might take a walk in the park and sit on a bench if the weather is nice. At work I try to find a quiet spot during my lunch break and sometimes I’ll go to a library and browse the books.

Everyone needs alone time. Everyone needs time to collect their thoughts and breathe and everyone needs a place where they can be alone to do it free from the distractions of life that would cause a person to want to be alone for a moment in time.

Your Quiet Place can be so much more than just a time and place to unwind and relax. It can be the place your mind can plan the dreams of your heart. It can be the place that feels like home. It can be anywhere your soul feels at peace even if it’s just for a short while. But a problem with spending too much time in your Quiet Place is that sometimes you spend so much time thinking or dreaming that you forget to do what you dreamed of. And still more, not all noise is bad and we shouldn’t seclude ourselves just for the sake of being alone. It’s all about finding the right balance and keeping things in perspective. Sometimes we shouldn’t run away from the noise because it’s the noise that tells our ears that we are loved, the noise made by the presence of people you love and that love you.

The Quiet Place. What’s your quiet place and when’s the last time you went there?