Sometimes focusing on the little things causes us to forget the beauty in the whole picture.

There is little doubt that the night sky is one the most beautiful backdrops of creation. Filled with tiny points of light forming patterns and a beauty in its seemingly random design, the stars are breathtaking on a clear night far from the pollution of city lights that try to drown out their beauty. Their brilliance is only surpassed by the light of the moon, which is beautiful in its own way with its phases and the visible craters on its surface. The moon is lonely, but unique to our sky and one of a kind, however, it’s solitude is not depressing, it’s peaceful. Indeed, the moon is the most magnificent object in the night sky, easily outshining the stars in all their own glory, but no matter how bright it is, it is easily missed if our attention is focused on the stars.

The same is true in our own lives. When we focus on the little things, no matter how pretty or important they may seem, we can sometimes miss what should be the real object of our eye standing right in front of us and which should be our main focus. In other instances, our pettiness in constantly thinking negatively about and detailing every little insignificant thing can cause us to overlook the good in someone, something, or situation. Take a spouse for example, instead of concentrating on the whole person and how beautiful they are, we can easily find ourselves concentrating on the negative and insignificant things about them (mannerisms, looks, weight, etc.) which can lead to relationship heartache and frustration. This is not to say we shouldn’t speak up if something concerns us or that taking notice of the little things is inherently wrong, however, like the moon, we should never lose sight of the whole person in front of us by focusing on the trivial aspects, while losing sight of the entire picture or the whole person, which is what really is important. Another example is work. Is your job really that bad? Or are you focusing too much on petty points that in the end mean nothing and make the job appear far worse than it really is?

By ignoring the moon and concentrating on the stars, we not only lose sight of the moon, but also the appreciation for the light the moon casts down on us, which lights our way in the darkness. Sometimes we can become annoyed by its presence when trying to see the stars because when we’re more focused on the them, we feel the moon light is hindering our ability to see what we think is most important at the moment. We lose appreciation for the moon because our heart and mind is focused on the stars, the little things. Same holds true in our lives. We can easily become annoyed by friends or family because our thoughts are focused on something else. We ignore what is truly important in our lives, which if done often enough, will cause us to lose those relationships.  In regards to a spouse for example, they often times are our light in the darkness and in our darkest moments we rely on their light to get us through a dark situation. If anything, for that reason alone, we shouldn’t lose focus of them and not let our mind wander to and become fixated on less important points which only cause to become distracted from what should be the object of our affection.

Never ignore a person who loves you, cares for you and misses you . . .

The night sky is beautiful with all that it has to offer and it is easy to become lost in all the competing points of light. But let’s not become blind to that big bright object that should always be the focus of our attention. Our mind will always focus on what our heart desires and our eyes will see what our mind wants, so let’s examine what is in our hearts so we don’t ignore what should be important to us.

Our mind will concentrate on what our heart desires.