Be with those who encourage you, just as you encourage them.

The dreamers and the doers, the believers and the thinkers, and with those who see greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself.

This quote really speaks. Often times, I feel it is difficult to find people who share your dreams and visions, or even find people who will encourage you to pursue your dreams even if they don’t share your vision.

For example, say you have a dream to write a book. You tell someone close to you about it and you usually get one of two responses:

  • A half-hearted, disinterested reply like, “Oh, that’s nice.”
  • A facial expression that says, “That’s never going to happen.” Followed by some patronizing response and sarcastic reply.

In either case, you receive no follow up questions nor any real interest in your dream, even though it may have taken you a lot to open up about it to someone you trust. It takes a lot of effort to open up to someone about our thoughts and dreams because it is a personal venture or idea that comes from deep within the heart. And when someone that we trust doesn’t take it seriously, doesn’t believe in it, or even discourages/dismisses the notion verbally or non-verbally with their body language, it hurts. It’s discouraging. It’s almost like it’s not only a rejection of our dream, but of ourselves as well.

We sometimes fail to realize that our dreams and goals are very much part of who we are. When we confide our hopes and dreams in someone, we naturally expect them to care and not dismiss it as unattainable or as a silly notion. We expect them to encourage us.

I believe that for many people, it is our hopes and dreams that keep us moving forward in life. Otherwise, what would be the point? To work all our lives and die? To buy fancy gadgets? No! Who doesn’t have a desire for greatness, to travel, to achieve their goals?

Having a dream can be, and often is, a lonely road to travel. Which is why we need to surround ourselves with those who are dreamers and doers, believers and thinkers, and especially with those who see the greatness and potential within you, because it will be these people who will take a genuine interest in your life, your hopes and dreams and your goals, and will be there to encourage you from beginning to end, whether you achieve your goal or not. They will help keep your dream in your heart and your hope alive. They will not just listen to you open your heart, but they will ask how they can help you with your dream. Often times, we just need their encouragement.

What are your dreams? Do you surround yourself with like minded people? Good luck and dream away.