A month into 2016 and I find that I’m already not keeping up with my resolutions. This is pretty frustrating and finding out the reason why can be difficult.

Is it lack of time?
Is it priorities or lack thereof?
Is it because I don’t really know what they are?

The most important part of resolution is clearly defining what they are. Mine are:

  • Finish my story (Dreams)
  • Make a point-and-click horror adventure game
  • Get Linux certification

. . . .  To be perfectly honest, I made a list of resolutions on January 1st and now I can’t even remember what they were. This is the reason most people can’t seem to accomplish their goals. They don’t make lists to remind them of their goals. So, let’s start again:

  • Finish my story (Dreams)
  • Make a point-and-click horror adventure game (Unity 5 3D)
  • Get Linux certified
  • Read the bible every morning
  • Visit another state or country
  • Buy land for future home

These are my goals I can think of. Each is realistic depending on the amount of effort and time I put into it. I can finish my story if I work on it every day. I can make my game if I study Unity #d programming every day. I can get Linux certified if I study Linux every day. I can read through the bible every day. I can save to visit another state or country and I can save to buy land. The last one may be difficult, but we’ll see. The economy scares me a bit and I don’t want to buy land or housing expensive like most did before the 2008 crash where we saw land and housing prices drop like rocks. I want to buy low and sell high.

However, it is important to be realistic. Due to my school work, I cannot study every day or spend time writing my story every day. I realistically can do those once a week on the weekend.

Step 2 is to list any obstacles preventing you from accomplishing your goals. For me it is time and now that I know that, I’ll schedule my time accordingly. I’ll wake up an hour earlier in the day to get more done. Right now, I am running out of time alloted for this post (after some cumpter issues) and need to end it here.

My goal is to now set a time table of when to accomplish these goals.

Till next time.