Reflection Bridge in China


The image above is from a bridge in a Chinese park. I’m not sure of the park, but I’ve named this particular bridge Reflection Bridge because of the pretty reflection of the bridge on the stream stream below. I first saw this image several years ago when I was given an MP3 player (remember those?) and it had this a sample image along with music from David Hayes (who unfortunately has stopped making music since).

I remember thinking how beautiful the image was and how the reflection of the bridge caused me to reflect on other things, which it still does. Something about the man crossing the bridge and seeing a reflection of it on the water paints a peaceful scene. The crisp air in the scene adds to the ambiance. The bridge’s other half in the  water completes the circle.

I take a few simple truths from this image:

  1. To get to the other side and where you want to be, you sometimes have to cross a bridge.
  2. When going somewhere new, it can cause you to reflect on what brought you there.
  3. Walks are best in the autumn, when the air is crisp.

There are times in life where we need to make a decision to either stay where we are (home, place of work, relationship, etc.) or move to another place. As I have spoken of before, fear usually prevents us from taking the steps necessary to cross the bridge to something new, which is what we might need to either better ourselves or our current situation. There is uncertainty when moving on to something new, where it be a new job, a new home, or just taking a step in faith when pursuing your dreams (writing a book, traveling, etc.). You first need to make a solid decision to cross the bridge and start walking towards it.

While crossing the bridge in your life, it is important to reflect on what brought you there and why exactly you are crossing it. For example, if you’re planning to move to somewhere new, why? What is the reason? Better yet, is it a legitimate reason? Do you have any support from others (though, not necessarily necessary)? Why or why not? What do you hope to achieve?  Usually for me, after answering those questions, I reflect on the circumstances, the people, and the situations that brought me to the bridge and the reasons why I am crossing it. Reflection is a good thing.  Just like in the image above, the reflection in the water creates a beautiful picture where the bridge becomes a circle. The man on the bridge is all of us when we begin our reflection on the past events that brought us to the point where we find ourselves.  As we reflect, our thoughts come back to us full circle as we connect the dots to why were are crossing the bridge. This can really ease our fears and anxieties as we understand that we are making a good choice in moving from point to the next and be thankful for the people and situations that may have helped us get there.

Finally, walking in autumn when the air is crisp and the leaves are falling and changing colors is the best time to walk. It is the best time to reflect since the temperature is near perfect and the world seems to quiet down enough for us to think about life without distractions. Simply put, it’s enjoyable. For me, autumn signifies a time in which the busy noise of the past year begin to die down and I can start preparing for the new year. I encourage you to take this coming autumn as a time of reflection on your life. On goals you wish to accomplish. And on any bridges you need to cross.

So, what bridge do you have to cross to get to where you want to be?


Reflection Bridge in the summer.

Reflection Bridge in the summer.