One thing that hurts me emotionally and spiritually is when I see someone, especially a man, without work. To eat, sleep away from the elements, and enjoy some aspects of life, we need to work. We need money. Of course, this is not all life is about, but this day and age, work and the need for money to simply live a modest life is essential . . . and often times overwhelming.

I’ve been an IT intern for about a year now. Today I found out that the full-time position I’ve worked my best to get will not be awarded to me. My internship effectively ends in June when I graduate from school.

This normally wouldn’t be a horrible thing, but at 31 years of age, being an intern is embarrassing enough, let alone now not having a job and having to look for entry level work.

I do thank God so much for the opportunity given to me. The pay alone help Angela and I so much in this transition from working in Japan to the States and completely changing careers (she became a nurse with her BSN). I can only be grateful for such a good, hardworking wife. She makes enough to support us in case I can find anything soon, which I doubt. However, the economy is looking bleak and I’m unsure how it is all going to end in 2016.

Time to start on that resume.

But, first, just a couple more sips of coffee to help my soul relax.