happy dog

My dog Winston always seems to happy. He’s always cheerful and wants to play. He loves his mother so much and follows us wherever we in the house. I still remember when we first got him. He was so small and cute. Angela’s’ face was so bright and happy when she first held him.

If only we could be as happy and content in our lives as dogs. Granted, we have much more worries like health, work, bills, crime, etc. but we should still be content with what the Lord has given us and take each day as a great blessing. This is why I am going to try to live a minimalist life. Less things might equal less headaches.

It is imperative that each of us live in the moment we are sharing with our loved ones. If you’re walking with your spouse in a park, stop thinking about other things for that short moment and just enjoy the site with your spouse. That’s they key to a relaxing walk. Just as it is the key to a relaxing drink of coffee: stop your worries for one moment while enjoying your cup and let your mind, body, and spirit relax.

So why do you think your dog is happier than you?