So I’m a dreamer. I create grand illusions of the ideal life I want to live. From what I can tell, each of my brothers is the same and likely my father as well. We like to work, but we absolute hate the idea of having to live to work, rather than work to live. Most people, unfortunately, do the former. I think this is either because they lose site of the purpose of life or simply out of circumstance and necessity, which I think is most people. I believe God wants us to enjoy life, see the world/our countries, and live a life of peace and relaxation in which we focus on Him and doing his work.

There is a massive wage gap growing in the world today, which is creating a type of feudal system where the top keeps everything, while the middle is gutted and pushed towards the bottom where they are kept in financial submission. But that’s another blog entry.

I’ve always entertained the idea of sipping coffee in a quite coffee shop, sometimes in the city where I have a nice white-collar job and the latest gadgets. This is my “trendy” imagination of my desires. I have a job where I am valued, it pays well, and I can enjoy the fruit of my labor. Sometimes this is in America or in Europe.

Another is sipping coffee in Japan like I used to in my favorite shops Mr. Donato or Tully’s Coffee. As hectic as it was in Japan, life was simply for Angela and me. We didn’t have to worry about much. We had decent paying jobs. It was like a long vacation. I miss it a lot and hope to be able to do it again someday.

Lastly, I think of being on some land with a porch and drinking coffee early in the morning before the sun has come up. Just enjoying the quietness.

I think it is important for each of us to dream of better thins. It keeps up motivated, but we also need to be careful not to get so caught up in dreaming that we get depressed when things don’t work out and life gets in the way. We also need to not dream so much that we forget to act and make our dreams reality.

What do you dream of? What are you dreams? Is it living in another country? Traveling the world? What dream helps you relax and get away from the troubles of life even for moment?