Does your heart yearn for adventure?

The desire for adventure and to explore the unknown is a feeling that is part of the human identity and something each of us have yearned for at some point in our lives. Moreover, I’d venture to say most of us want some adventure in our lives. It breaks up the monotony of everyday life and makes us feel young again. Children are great adventurers. They have imagination and that imagination is the fuel the heart needs to seek adventure. And as we grow older and are bogged down by the worries and cares of life, we lose our imagination, the magic dwindles, and while our desire for adventure diminishes as well, it never fully escapes our thoughts because it is a part of who were are as people. Adventure, simply put, is exploring the unknowing, chasing the mysterious, and offers an escape from our ordinary lives.

“Adventure is out there!” exclaims Ellie from Disney’s Up. She had a wild imagination that drove her desire for adventure. Carl, on the other hand, was timid and shy. However, by going on the adventure throughout the movie when Carl, “the 78-year-old that sets out to fulfill his dream to see the wilds of South America and complete a promise made to his late wife, Ellie,” he not only grew as a person, but found what he was ultimately looking for: peace in fulfilling a promise to the person he loved.

Likewise, seeking adventure can help each of us grow as individuals. Exploring unknown places or avenues can lead to personal growth or discovery of new ideas, peoples, places, etc. When we travel to other countries, we may need to learn a bit of a new language, which can be difficult, but by stretching our limits, we grow as individuals. Many people have discovered their spouses while visiting other countries. But something as small as picking up a hobby can be adventurous because we are learning something new and making ourselves vulnerable. This vulnerability brought by our fears of the unknown, expressing our desires to others for criticism, etc. is part of the catalyst that makes us grow. The experience gained from trying new things or seeing new places is invaluable to feeding our desires for reaching new heights in our personal lives and satisfying our need for adventure.

No matter how old we are or what point in our lives we are at, it is ok to dream of adventure, of reaching new heights, or seeking new places or things. Just like we should’t suppress this desire in children, we shouldn’t suppress it in our hearts. Dreaming is good, but sometimes action is better. Take that trip you’ve always wanted. Pick up that new hobby. You may not always be successful, but the experience will make you a better person for it.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Where’s your next adventure?