Resolution: An unwavering commitment to accomplish a goal.

2020 has come and I’m just now getting to writing down my resolutions that have been on my mind since 2019 ended and 2020 began. Much is the same as last years, but a few new ones for this year. When I think of my resolutions and what I want for the new year, I’m reminded that every new year is an opportunity for personal growth and adventure. It’s a new chance to do or change things from the past year, and it’s a new opportunity for good memories to be made and experiences to be had.  So what are my resolutions for this year?

  1. Write at least one blog post monthly.
  2. Finish my stories.
  3. Finish my first video game . . . at least one level.
  4. Read more. Both fiction and non-fiction.
  5. Study Japanese daily.
  6. Travel somewhere far.
  7. Open my coffee shop. Maybe not this year, but at least get the plans in motion. 🙂

It feels good to write them down. Writing down your resolutions is the first step to accomplishing them because it is taking an abstract idea and turning it into a physical thought. The paper acts as a constant reminder of your goals, which by extension are your heart’s desires, which our bust and stressful lives cause us to forget. This life has a way of draining our energy to the point where we don’t care anymore about accomplishing our goals or dreams, but by writing them down, they’re no longer a thought that can be stolen or forgotten by the noise of our daily lives.

So what are your 2020 resolutions? What are your hopes and goals for the new year? What steps are you taking to turn them into a reality?