Trying new coffee

I like coffee. I like frothing milk. I like coffee with frothed milk. Several months ago I bought my first frother from Daiso. It was cheap, but it did the trick and ever since I’ve been hooked on using one whenever I brew some coffee. Something about frothing the milk is oddly satisfying.

Anyway, I recently went to HomeGoods, which is where I normally get my coffee. It seems like a good place to look even if the selection is quite small. On my last trip, I purchased a bag from a company called, True North Coffee, although after looking into it, it looks like this is just coffee from a distributer that packages coffee grounds and beans under different names.

I didn’t particularly like this coffee. The taste was fairly weak in my opinion, but it was still drinkable. It’s as much as you’d expect from a cheap coffee and general distributer. I typically buy whole beans and grind them myself, but this is all HomeGoods had at the time.  One of my favorites is a coffee made by Unique Coffee Roasters. Good taste and the beans are fresh.

Here is a pic of the milk frother I purchased from Amazon made by a generic company called the Barista Guys, though the same frother comes in different names. It’s good, though. It does a good job of frothing the milk and seems to be good quality. I’ve enjoyed it so far.

And of course, I always use one of my favorite mugs I got while vacationing in Edinburgh, Scotland; one of my favorite places ever.

So, how do you enjoy your coffee? Do you have any favorite coffee cups or mugs?