Coffee time MUST be respected . . . .

Coffee time MUST be respected . . . .

It is very important to always respect a person’s (reasonable) coffee time. This means not talking, no making noise, no TV . . . . nothing. But why is this?

The theme of this blog is relaxation, primarily through the  gateway of coffee. Typically, I wake up and brew some coffee. I then sit at my desk and open the news or write on my blog, all while listening to some soft music. This helps me gather my thoughts from the previous day and prepare mentally and emotionally for the  day ahead. It’s like meditation in a sense. I might read the bible or look at some pictures. Regardless what I choose to do, I definitely enjoy my coffee with some cookies ;).

I think it is important for us and others to respect each other’s coffee or tea times simply because it is a time of meditation and relaxation for each of us. Obviously however, we need to ensure that our coffee time is at a reasonable time. We can’t expect everyone to be quiet if we choose to wake up late or when we arrive at work!

Still, my coffee time is usually morning after waking up and in the evening before going to bed (yes, I know, it’s not the best thing to do 🙂 . . .). It really helps me to unwind and prepare for whatever I have ahead.

When is your break time? What do you do to “escape” the world and “people” during your time “away” from the world?