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New Cookies: Le Petit Normand

I picked up some French cookies from World Market the other day called Le Petit Normand. They’re a basic biscuit with a milk chocolate back. They were Ok, nothing to write home about, though. I do like World Market and all the variety of foods from different countries they have. Great place to find new snacks to go with your morning or evening coffee.

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Trying New Coffee


Trying new coffee

I like coffee. I like frothing milk. I like coffee with frothed milk. Several months ago I bought my first frother from Daiso. It was cheap, but it did the trick and ever since I’ve been hooked on using one whenever I brew some coffee. Something about frothing the milk is oddly satisfying.
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Do you ever feel like a cat at a cafe?

Some days, you just feel like a cat waiting for his call to come while enjoying some coffee.

What A Beautiful Day

What do you consider a beautiful day?

What do you consider a beautiful day?

Each of us have our own idea of what is beautiful and aesthetic. For most of us, it’s not necessary a set of rules that defines what makes something beautiful to or not, but rather how it touches our heart or moves our soul or the feeling it brings to our mind, like peace.
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Before Coffee . . .

Coffee time MUST be respected . . . .

Coffee time MUST be respected . . . .

It is very important to always respect a person’s (reasonable) coffee time. This means not talking, no making noise, no TV . . . . nothing. But why is this?

The theme of this blog is relaxation, primarily through the  gateway of coffee. Typically, I wake up and brew some coffee. I then sit at my desk and open the news or write on my blog, all while listening to some soft music. This helps me gather my thoughts from the previous day and prepare mentally and emotionally for the  day ahead. It’s like meditation in a sense. I might read the bible or look at some pictures. Regardless what I choose to do, I definitely enjoy my coffee with some cookies ;). Continue reading

Unique Coffee and HomeGoods

unique coffee roaster

I typically get my coffee from HomeGoods (where I also get my scottie dog  cookies). For some reason, Home Goods style really appeals to me. I like the atmosphere and the unique foods, spices, utensils, and furniture they have. One of my favorite coffees is sold there: Unique Coffee Roasters.
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Scottish Cookies

scottie cookies

When drinking my coffee, I find that Walkers Shortbread cookies complement the coffee well. I usually only eat a few, but they’re delicious. The Scottie dog version is also quite cute. Continue reading

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