There’s something to the quietness of the late night and early morning when the world is sleeping and I’m the only one awake.

I typically stay up fairly late in the night, which definitely has its benefits and drawbacks. A few drawbacks being that I tend to wake up later in the day or feel tired if I have to wake up early. Still, though, as much as I try, I can’t get to bed earlier than I normally do, which is usually around 1:30am – 2am. I’m not sure exactly when this habit started, but I imagine it happened sometime during college when I chose classes later in the day so I could sleep in more. But looking back, I think it may also have begun when I first became an “adult” in that I got my first “real” job and started to bear real responsibilities like paying bills, work, etc. My life went from being care-free as a young adult to being stressful as the years passed and the responsibility grew. Everything seemed to grow louder and busier. There was too much noise. I needed peace and I would find it late at night while the world was sleeping. Continue reading