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Month: October 2017

Once Upon a Time . . .

Where did you story begin and where is it heading?

Every living thing has a story to tell. From the giant oaks that have seen ages go by to that of a puppy who ended up at a dog pound and then adopted by a loving family and to you reading this post. Everyone has a story of their journey that has led them to the place in their lives they are currently at and in many cases, to where their story goes and ends. The story of our lives, like a  good book, has a beginning, a middle, and an end. The beginning is written for us by God and our parents, but the middle and end is largely written by our own actions and decisions. While our parents are our principal story creators, we are ultimately the sole author of our biography. Our decisions is the pen that guides the invisible hand to write down our story from our experiences. Continue reading

Hello Fall

Hello Fall

Fall is my favorite season. Everything seems to slow down. People seem less frustrated. The world seems less busy. Maybe it’s the picturesque colors of the falling leaves. Maybe it’s the crunching sound they make as you walk on them on a crisp autumn day. Maybe it’s the fall spices and scents, the pumpkins, cinnamon, the apples, or the clean air.  Or perhaps its the ability to sit outside on your porch or park bench and enjoy the cool breeze and the rustling of the dry leaves while drinking your favorite cup of coffee or tea as the cup warms your hands.

Whatever it may be, Fall is a time of calm and peace for the soul. It is a time of inspiration. Take advantage of it. It’s only here for a few months and it’s over quicker than you may realize. Continue reading

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