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Month: November 2016

Written In Stone


What words or feelings do you have set in stone?

When we say something is “Written in Stone”, we mean that an action, event, decision, feeling, etc. is permanent. It’s impossible to erase what was  carved  into the stone, therefore, it’s everlasting. It’s there forever, unless the stone itself is broken and replaced with another. When something is carved into stone, it cannot be erased with an eraser nor washed away with water without destroying the stone in someway.  Have you ever considered how your actions or emotions can be written in stone without or without your knowledge and if it is possible to wipe it away and start with a fresh, smooth surface? Continue reading

Snoopy’s Starry Night

Snoopy's Starry Night

Snoopy’s Starry Night

I think most  of us have those times where we feel the need to go outside on a starry night and look up at the heavens in wonder or awe of the greatness before us. During this time, I believe most of us share common thoughts on life, God,  our troubles, our needs, or our desires. It’s a shame that most people have never truly had the opportunity to see the night sky in all its glory due to most of us living in the city where the city lights drown out the stars. I think if more people would be able to see the night sky as God intended, there would be much more reflection by everyone and much less hate, worries, and misunderstandings.  Continue reading

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