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Month: September 2016

Head in the Clouds

Do your dreams reach as high as the clouds?

Do your dreams reach as high as the clouds?

Have your ever felt you’re living life in the clouds or had a desire to? For some people, dreaming is a way to escape the realities of their life. For others, it is a way to let their imagination explore new things. And for some, it’s about a person simply being out of touch with reality.

The popular idiom, Head in the clouds, typically denotes a negative sentiment defined as, “To be out of touch with the everyday world. Unrealistic. To have impractical ideas or dreams.” However, another definition is, “To be daydreaming and not paying attention to what is happening or being said. To be lost in your private thoughts.”  But can having your head in the clouds be a positive thing?

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New Experiences and never going back

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions – Oliver Wendell Holmes

The above quote is from Oliver Wendell Holmes, a supreme court justice from 1902 – 1931. There are a couple things I really enjoy about the Gif above which cause me to think on a few points:

  1. The scene is pretty. A person is reading a book, perhaps expanding her imagination if it is fiction, or maybe expanding her knowledge of the world if it is a book on travel, philosophy, or life. The stars by her side reflect a sense of movement, like she is traveling as her mind is expanded from the knowledge she is gaining.
  2. It reflects a sense of calm and peace that can come from reading at night in a softly lit room. This time alone is a good time to reflect on past experiences, new desires, and a time to mediate and reset ourselves.
  3. Reading, the arts, and humanities are important aspects of our daily lives.

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Reflection Bridge


Reflection Bridge in China


The image above is from a bridge in a Chinese park. I’m not sure of the park, but I’ve named this particular bridge Reflection Bridge because of the pretty reflection of the bridge on the stream stream below. I first saw this image several years ago when I was given an MP3 player (remember those?) and it had this a sample image along with music from David Hayes (who unfortunately has stopped making music since).

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