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Month: August 2016

Coffee Understands . . .

It also speaks to me. :)

It also speaks to me. 🙂

As I’ve stated many times before,  I love coffee time, especially in the autumn, which is coming up! I’m so excited. 🙂

It’s so nice when we find someone or something that just understands us, isn’t it? No need to explain ourselves. No need to justify our thoughts or dreams. No need to be rational about our dreams or goals. Obviously, we need to be rational about anything we do. If we dream a dream that is totally unfathomable or affects other people, then we need to lower our expectations a bit. But for the most part, it’s just nice to imagine ourselves as Super Man or a world traveler with no cares. And that’s the point: to release our mind for a moment of all cares and worries in this crazy world.

Coffee is a great listener. What or who is your great listener?  Who or what understands you?

I hope you have a great weekend and can sneak some coffee or tea time with a loved one or by yourself.


Cute Koala

Today’s daily dose of cuteness is brought to you by Imogen from Symbio Wildlife Park… enjoy! ?

Posted by on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Another video I found while browsing facebook. This is from a facebook page from See Australia. It’s absolutely adorable. 🙂

It’s known fact that animals, especially pets, can help to reduce stress and anxiety in people. Watching this video definitely made me feel better. I hope it does the same for you. 🙂

Flower Art

Wonders Of Creativity …… ”Beautiful Art”

Posted by Wonders Of The World on Thursday, August 11, 2016

I found this on a facebook page, Wonders of The World. I think it’s pretty and very creative. I like art (though I’m terrible at it!), but appreciate how creative some people are.

I hope you enjoy it.

A Leisurely Stroll

A lovely walk alone or with a loved one is a magical feeling . . .

A lovely walk alone or with a loved one is a magical feeling . . .

A favorite movie of mine is Midnight in Paris, starring Owen Wilson. It mixes elements that I enjoy like Paris, cobble stone streets, and lonely walks at nights. In the movie, Owen’s character is confused about what direction to take in his life as he is torn over pursuing what he loves and desires, or meeting the expectations of his fiance and her family. He walks the streets of Paris alone at midnight thinking about his  situation, when magical events begin to occur.

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