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Month: May 2016

Happiness is . . .

William Arthur Ward

William Arthur Ward

Happiness is an emotion which God created us to express freely. Happiness is a byproduct of love and many other emotions.

  • Happiness is being in love.
  • Happiness is being surrounded by family and friends.¬†(sometimes ūüėČ ).
  • Happiness is laughing.
  • Happiness is sipping coffee and relaxing.

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What are your dreams?


I sometimes wonder what dreams other people have. Our dreams are quite personal and to share them is to invite mockery in a sense from those we love. Jesus said that a prophet is not accepted is his own hometown, meaning that those close to us (family, friends, etc.) are our biggest deniers. This can be good as they keep is grounded, but when we share our dreams or visions, they can be our biggest detractors. I feel this is we are hesitant¬†to share our dreams with people as it’s like wearing your heart on your sleeve. ¬†Of course, however, there are other reasons like ¬†ourselves preventing our dreams from becoming reality due to lack of action on our part. This is a major stumbling block as well. Continue reading

Restless Nights

van goh restless

I hate having restless nights. Most of the times it’s because I either drank too ¬†much coffee before bed (a habit) or went to bed earlier than I normally do. There are some nights, however, that my mind is racing. I can’t turn it off. Usually it’s from anxiety over some issue: a family member’s salvation, work, bills, state of the world, etc. For some, it can be due to a lonely heart, illness, or like me, sometimes just the desire to leave, go on an adventure, and live life as it should be rather than simply working to live. Sometimes, I’m depressed enough to cause me to toss and turn and spend the night on the couch. On these nights, I tend to feel unfulfilled whether it be at work or just life in general. These are the nights that I wish I could just drop everything and leave ¬†to somewhere new (But is this just running away from a real problem, or is it just a desire for a sense of adventure?). ¬†Life is hard.¬†For many, it is harder.¬†And I’ve noticed that sometimes there isn’t a good reason for feeling depressed and other times, there are more reasons than any ¬†man should ever have.¬† Continue reading

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