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Month: February 2016

Where’s home?


Yesterday, Angela and I were looking for land to place our first home one. It’s quite exciting, but frustrating at the same time. We’re torn between living in the city and close to family, or buying land in the country at the expense of being far away. Continue reading

No work

One thing that hurts me emotionally and spiritually is when I see someone, especially a man, without work. To eat, sleep away from the elements, and enjoy some aspects of life, we need to work. We need money. Of course, this is not all life is about, but this day and age, work and the need for money to simply live a modest life is essential . . . and often times overwhelming. Continue reading



I’ve never been to Europe and would really like to go. In particular, I’d like to visit or have an extended stay¬†in England, Scotland, Ireland, France, and maybe Austria and Denmark (they have delicious cookies). Continue reading

Unique Coffee and HomeGoods

unique coffee roaster

I typically get my coffee from HomeGoods (where I also get my scottie dog  cookies). For some reason, Home Goods style really appeals to me. I like the atmosphere and the unique foods, spices, utensils, and furniture they have. One of my favorite coffees is sold there: Unique Coffee Roasters.
Continue reading

Scottish Cookies

scottie cookies

When drinking my coffee, I find that Walkers Shortbread cookies complement the coffee well. I usually only eat a few, but they’re delicious. The Scottie dog version is also quite cute. Continue reading



I’ve never learned to play an instrument, which is something I regret. When I was in my teens and early college years, I had a guitar and thought I was the greatest . . . . of course everything sounds better in your imagination, lol. Continue reading

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