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Wisdom from Calvin and Hobbes: Look Up To The Stars

When you look into infinity, what do you think of?

Amusingly enough, we can learn much from even the most unlikely places. Sometimes we can learn life lessons about love and friendship from a child’s story like Winnie The Pooh or in this case, from a comic strip  about a boy and his best friend, his “living” stuffed animal Tiger, Hobbes, in Calvin and Hobbes, created by Bill Watterson. The best friends share a strong bond with each other as they explore new things and seek adventure. But even in the comic’s novel presentation, it not only reminds us of the good things of childhood – exploration brought forth by curiosity and imagination – but also occasionally sees the pair pause long enough to ponder the deeper things of life and offer its readers a bit of wholesome and thought-provoking wisdom brought about only the way the innocence of a child can. Continue reading


Today I’m going camping for the first time in several years. Since I live in Florida, it’s generally accepted to only go camping in the fall or winter because of the cool weather and little to no mosquitos. Needless to say, I’m a bit excited. Continue reading

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