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Finding New Music

There is nothing like discovering new music to enjoy.

There is nothing like discovering new music to enjoy.

I love discovering new music. As the meme above states, it is definitely like finding a new world to explore. I get a joyous feeling and puts me in a such a good mood. It also strangely enough helps reduce any stress I have.

The other night while watching YouTube, the autoplay feature jumped to a group called Parable Fifteen from South Africa. I immediately fell in love with the song Rain On The Ocean.  It’s a typical love ballad with a good beat and good lyrics. Continue reading

New Music


I’m the kind of guy that listens to the same music in an infinite loop for years to come. Even if I can’t stand the music anymore, I continue listening to it because I’m too lazy to go to the local radio station website or Pandora and just find new music. For example, I’ve been listening to Colbie Caillat’s first two albums for about 6 months now. Continue reading



I’ve never learned to play an instrument, which is something I regret. When I was in my teens and early college years, I had a guitar and thought I was the greatest . . . . of course everything sounds better in your imagination, lol. Continue reading

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