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Merry Christmas


We hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas from the Vazquez’s.

This holiday is about Jesus, when God became a man to take our sins upon Him if we choose to let him. In that way, we are made new and clean again, our sins forgiven and can spend eternity in heaven. If not, eternity in hell. I hope people will come back to the true meaning of Christmas.

With that said, I hope you enjoy your Christmas and New Year.

Snoopy’s Starry Night

Snoopy's Starry Night

Snoopy’s Starry Night

I think most  of us have those times where we feel the need to go outside on a starry night and look up at the heavens in wonder or awe of the greatness before us. During this time, I believe most of us share common thoughts on life, God,  our troubles, our needs, or our desires. It’s a shame that most people have never truly had the opportunity to see the night sky in all its glory due to most of us living in the city where the city lights drown out the stars. I think if more people would be able to see the night sky as God intended, there would be much more reflection by everyone and much less hate, worries, and misunderstandings.  Continue reading

Tears and Memories

What memories are stored in your tears?

Have you ever found yourself sitting quietly when past memory comes to mind followed by a tear running down your cheek? Sometimes the tear could have be brought forth by a happy memory, like a wonderful time you spent with someone you love or the pride you took in someone like your child. But for most, I believe those times when a tear slowly leaves its home and crawls down our cheeks, it is brought out by a memory which hurts us. The loss of a loved one, the hurt of a broken relationship, the thought of being separated from your child or spouse. There are many reasons why we might weep and it varies from person to person because our memories are unique, but it is an experience that is shared by everyone who has ever lived. We can all empathize with it and the emotions that cause that tear to leave our eyes, typically sadness, connects us all.
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Head in the Clouds

Do your dreams reach as high as the clouds?

Do your dreams reach as high as the clouds?

Have your ever felt you’re living life in the clouds or had a desire to? For some people, dreaming is a way to escape the realities of their life. For others, it is a way to let their imagination explore new things. And for some, it’s about a person simply being out of touch with reality.

The popular idiom, Head in the clouds, typically denotes a negative sentiment defined as, “To be out of touch with the everyday world. Unrealistic. To have impractical ideas or dreams.” However, another definition is, “To be daydreaming and not paying attention to what is happening or being said. To be lost in your private thoughts.”  But can having your head in the clouds be a positive thing?

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New Experiences and never going back

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions – Oliver Wendell Holmes

The above quote is from Oliver Wendell Holmes, a supreme court justice from 1902 – 1931. There are a couple things I really enjoy about the Gif above which cause me to think on a few points:

  1. The scene is pretty. A person is reading a book, perhaps expanding her imagination if it is fiction, or maybe expanding her knowledge of the world if it is a book on travel, philosophy, or life. The stars by her side reflect a sense of movement, like she is traveling as her mind is expanded from the knowledge she is gaining.
  2. It reflects a sense of calm and peace that can come from reading at night in a softly lit room. This time alone is a good time to reflect on past experiences, new desires, and a time to mediate and reset ourselves.
  3. Reading, the arts, and humanities are important aspects of our daily lives.

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A Leisurely Stroll

A lovely walk alone or with a loved one is a magical feeling . . .

A lovely walk alone or with a loved one is a magical feeling . . .

A favorite movie of mine is Midnight in Paris, starring Owen Wilson. It mixes elements that I enjoy like Paris, cobble stone streets, and lonely walks at nights. In the movie, Owen’s character is confused about what direction to take in his life as he is torn over pursuing what he loves and desires, or meeting the expectations of his fiance and her family. He walks the streets of Paris alone at midnight thinking about his  situation, when magical events begin to occur.

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Happiness is . . .

William Arthur Ward

William Arthur Ward

Happiness is an emotion which God created us to express freely. Happiness is a byproduct of love and many other emotions.

  • Happiness is being in love.
  • Happiness is being surrounded by family and friends. (sometimes 😉 ).
  • Happiness is laughing.
  • Happiness is sipping coffee and relaxing.

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Being a dreamer


So I’m a dreamer. I create grand illusions of the ideal life I want to live. From what I can tell, each of my brothers is the same and likely my father as well. We like to work, but we absolute hate the idea of having to live to work, rather than work to live. Most people, unfortunately, do the former. I think this is either because they lose site of the purpose of life or simply out of circumstance and necessity, which I think is most people. I believe God wants us to enjoy life, see the world/our countries, and live a life of peace and relaxation in which we focus on Him and doing his work.
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Where’s home?


Yesterday, Angela and I were looking for land to place our first home one. It’s quite exciting, but frustrating at the same time. We’re torn between living in the city and close to family, or buying land in the country at the expense of being far away. Continue reading

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