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Hello Fall 2018

Autumn is here. Relax and enjoy.

Autumn has finally arrived. It’s the time of the year I look most forward to. The air becomes cooler, the colors of nature change, and everything just seems to slow down and everything feels less busy. I can enjoy a cup of coffee while sitting outside and watch the leaves fall and the squirrels gather food for the winter. ForĀ  short while, everything is more relaxing and enjoyable. And best yet is going for walks in the park and sitting on a bench and just watch.
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Autumn Is Here

Autumn is here.

Autumn is here.

Autumn is finally here. A time to relax, enjoy the crisp air and a hot drink, and reflect on the past year and the final months.


Always a good time

nothing like hot coffee on cold day

Windy Day

Windy day

What can be said of a windy autumn day?

The wind blows, the leaves rustle coming to life

again for this brief moment the moving air dances with them and breathing new life into

them as if to say, “Wake up! Experience life once more.”

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