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Head in the Clouds

Do your dreams reach as high as the clouds?

Do your dreams reach as high as the clouds?

Have your ever felt you’re living life in the clouds or had a desire to? For some people, dreaming is a way to escape the realities of their life. For others, it is a way to let their imagination explore new things. And for some, it’s about a person simply being out of touch with reality.

The popular idiom, Head in the clouds, typically denotes a negative sentiment defined as, “To be out of touch with the everyday world. Unrealistic. To have impractical ideas or dreams.” However, another definition is, “To be daydreaming and not paying attention to what is happening or being said. To be lost in your private thoughts.”  But can having your head in the clouds be a positive thing?

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What are your dreams?


I sometimes wonder what dreams other people have. Our dreams are quite personal and to share them is to invite mockery in a sense from those we love. Jesus said that a prophet is not accepted is his own hometown, meaning that those close to us (family, friends, etc.) are our biggest deniers. This can be good as they keep is grounded, but when we share our dreams or visions, they can be our biggest detractors. I feel this is we are hesitant to share our dreams with people as it’s like wearing your heart on your sleeve.  Of course, however, there are other reasons like  ourselves preventing our dreams from becoming reality due to lack of action on our part. This is a major stumbling block as well. Continue reading



I’ve never been to Europe and would really like to go. In particular, I’d like to visit or have an extended stay in England, Scotland, Ireland, France, and maybe Austria and Denmark (they have delicious cookies). Continue reading

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