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Beautiful Girl and Falling In Love


falling in love with a beautiful girl

As I’ve written before, finding new music is a fun experience. There’s something about listening to a song for the first time on TV, a movie, or on the radio, and having it connect with you immediately for some reason.  Several years ago, my then girlfriend (now wife) gave me my first touchscreen MP3 player, the Mach Speed Trio before a mission trip to Guayaquil, Ecuador.  It was a cheap device, but I loved it. It came with some free music and one artist in particular stuck out to me. His name was David Hayes and his song, Beautiful Girl, quickly found itself on repeat. I likely enjoyed it so much because it made me think of my then girlfriend while listening to it, but apart from that, the melody flowed smoothly and well with the acoustic guitar. But I think what I particularly liked the most even to this day years later was the lyrics of the song. Falling in love is a unique experience that we all can hopefully experience once in our lifetime and is one of the strongest and life changing emotional experiences any of us will ever have. Falling in love is fun. It’s why we like romantic movies like Before Sunrise.

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New Music


I’m the kind of guy that listens to the same music in an infinite loop for years to come. Even if I can’t stand the music anymore, I continue listening to it because I’m too lazy to go to the local radio station website or Pandora and just find new music. For example, I’ve been listening to Colbie Caillat’s first two albums for about 6 months now. Continue reading

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